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How do I maintain my Atelier Cocotte lamp?

Simply dry dust, using a smooth cloth. Do not use a spray on any part of the lamp.

Can I stain or paint my lamp myself?

No. In order to avoid warping or discoloration, the lamps should not be painted or stained.

Can I install my lamp outdoors?

No, the Atelier Cocotte collection is designed for indoor use only. Do not use outdoors.

Is a light bulb included?

No, light bulbs are sold separately.

What is the maximum light bulb wattage that can be used?

Atelier Cocotte suggests a maximum of 60 Watts for an incandescent bulb, or 4 – 8 Watts for an LED bulb.

*Please note that some models require an LED bulb. The specifications are listed for each model.

Can I get a wire longer than 6 feet?

Yes, simply send an email to specifying the desired length. A small surcharge may apply, depending on the length.

Is it possible to add a plug/light switch to a lamp model?

Yes, simply send an email to specifying the details.

Can the lamps be shipped overseas?

Yes, contact Atelier Cocotte at for an estimate for shipping outside of Canada.


For Canadian orders, Atelier Cocotte will ship items within 5 to 7 business days. Delivery is normally done through Canada Post.


If merchandise is damaged during shipping, Atelier Cocotte will replace it free of charge.